9 comments on “Salomon Summer 2013 Trail Shoe Preview

  1. Hi, I had a question about the arch support of the Sense series. Traditional Salomon shoes have fairly high arches. From what I’ve read, the Sense has a low arch. Is there noticeable difference? Also what is the arch structure in the Mantra. Thanks

    • Thanks Russell. There is very little arch support in the Sense shoes as they are minimalist inspired. The difference between Salomon’s minimalist approach and other companies is that Salomon stays with the mantra of a 4-6mm drop as “minimalist.” In our eyes this is very accurately and reinforced by natural forefoot strike. The are basically flat but retain some support when a runner starts to fatigue and inevitably heel-strike (think night running or the last miles of a 100 mile race). You definitely want to try both models before buying as they offer a much different feel than other Salomon trail shoes. Hope that helps!

      • Wow! Thanks for the super quick response. I currently run in Inov8s, which are very similar in concept to the Sense series. They are low to the ground, have a 6mm drop and no discernible arch support. I will try all the Sense shoes and make my choice. Thanks again.

  2. I loved the support of the crossmax guidance and found the neutral too soft. Sounds like the new hybrid wont work for me. do you have any other suggestions?

    • By support do you mean cushion? Or support for the mid-sole, or “guts” of the shoe? If you need a slight degree of pronation control or medial posting, we would still recommend the new Crossmax, just with an added insert for support!

  3. thanks for great review, I too am worried about changing from the crossmax guidance, I already use a insert for support in the guidance

    • Our pleasure Nat. If you are using additional support in the form of an insole in your Crossmax Guidance you might look at an SLAB XT 5. Really nice shoe, little more expensive, but has that medial posting that you may need.

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