6 comments on “Trip Report: Mt. Adams (12,281 feet)

  1. Sorry you guys didn’t make it down the SW Chutes. One of the most beautiful lines I’ve skied in the NW and LONG! You could’ve simply climb over rocks (skiers left) and made it back to the front side, but another time. We camped at “lunch counter” (think that’s the name). The road is always closed till much later, so glad you guys decided to hike it on in. Well worth it and probably saw no one else, eh?

  2. All assaults on Adams in May are noble and worthy, and a big day out. Looks like you launched pretty far east, which increased your approach considerably compared to an assent on the SW aspect from Morrisson Creek camp. This is also the route you want if you are going to ski the SW chutes with a reasonable exit plan. Catch you next time you are in our hood. Good on you all.

    • Thanks again for all your beta Mark. I look forward to making some turns with you soon! We were pushed so far east by the road closures – we wanted to head up the Morrison Creek camp but the road was impassable for a LONG ways. We gambled, and luckily won with a big approach from the Lava Flow. For the same reason we were worried about thrashing/getting lost getting back to our camp if we skied the SW Chutes – so far east. But holy moly did they look sexy! I’ll have to come back and get them done with you! Absolutely beautiful backyard you’ve got there. Thanks again, you rock!

      • when u ski the SW CHUTE. THERE IS JUST ONE BIG ONE…LOL.. if u ride it all the way to the bottom 7100 feet or so… u are west of the starting point. and u should never be cliombing over rocks untill july or latter if u are climnbing over rocks u are not going the right way. at the bottom of the chute u will run into the round the mountian trail and can ride that back to the TH or most starting points…… and if u just find m creek easly off this root between the chute and the TH it will lead u all the way back to trhe lower TH.

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