One comment on “Backcountry Safety Ramblings and Backcountry Access Float Air Bag In Action

  1. HI guys, Good post to open up the conversation. You are probably trying to balance what you say being a retailer and create some interest in products. I encourage you to take a stronger stand and tell people more details about what they don’t know and really drive home the fact that there is much more to this sport than buying the gear and going to a couple of classes. I mean the part about partners, choices, routes, training, and knowing terrain and snowpack. These are not things we can do without. Especially the knowledge to know that most people die of trauma and that an airbag does not protect you from this. I laid in to a couple of kids last week; no beacons, a couple of shovels and the attitude that we are not going to ski anything steep. I think it’s time we stop being so nice and tell people the truth about what they are doing. Of course I wasn’t wearing any SAC logos and I am not a retailer. Take care

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